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Back to the game!

I never used this expression before, seeing as, in almost twelve years I never stop climbing for more than 2 weeks in a row. Some people say I’m crazy, some says I’m obsessed, I think it just make me feel really happy and alive!

So, after come back from the Pakistan adventure and know that I fractured the scaphoid on my left wrist when I smashed on a ledge during a 12 meters fall, and that wouldn’t be any climbing for the next few months, it was a difficult moment for me!

I tried all sort of things, reading, writing, movies, but it’s just to hard to stay out of action. Of course that I finished doing some bad things to my wrist like riding my bicycle, rowing, etc. and at the end my wrist didn’t heal properly! I had to be submitted to a surgery and there were some doubts if I would be able to climb as hard as before.

Now, after this long and agonizing process, I’m finally climbing and getting in shape again. I’m rediscovering the magic forest of Sintra, with hundreds of new boulders to be climbed all over the hill, perfect to get my strength back!

I’m around Oliana (Catalunya) right now and it’s definitely the place to be if you are searching some outstanding sport climbing routes. A lot of friends that I didn't seen for a while and a lot of action happening, which was what I was searching for…

April 2011

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