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Coming close

Coming close... 
This past month I’ve been doing short trips to what we call the south-western point of Europe, Sagres. The further you can go on this side of the continent!
Sagres it’s definitely one of my all time favourite areas here in Portugal, maybe it’s the Atlantic Ocean beneath you and the strong wind that seems unstoppable... there’s something in this place that brings me a sense of wilderness that I love. Maybe it’s just the surfer girls... :p

 It fills really good to have the opportunity to climb in such a perfect place, special in something that I’ve put up, something that I was searching for, something in my limit, and this one definitely is...The only problem with having bolt a project in such a remote place, it’s to find people who can climb with. Since there’s no climbing community around Sagres, I always have problems to find people who can climb with! I already dragged a few friends from Lisbon, that is about 300Km from Sagres and most of the times it’s just for two or three days of climbing. It’s part of the process but it’s being a hard process! JHowever, I made good progress on the route and I’m feeling really close on it, let’s see what happen...

Enjoy the photos from the talented photographer and friend Ricardo Alves

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